About Me

I have a diverse business, financial, marketing, and management background. After college and the Army, I spent fifteen years in the New York City corporate world before switching to "Boss-Free Living."

I was a founding partner in a certified public accounting firm, a marketing consultant, a rehabber, and a licensed real estate broker. I moved from New York to Georgia in 2009.

When ChatGPT was released in November 2022, I realized artificial intelligence (AI) would allow anyone to 10X their ability to develop and manage new income streams. So, I got back into the game.

Online businesses are much cheaper and easier to manage, but you still need, some capital, a legal structure, a website, a Facebook business page, a telephone number, a bank account, a credit card processing service, a logo, a computer, various software services, an email address, etc.

In addition, every business owner needs continuous training to stay current with technology and marketing trends. The free information included here and on ThomPearceAcademy.com can help any small business.

Currently, I use AI to run eCyberAi.com. My team develops custom AI-based Chatbots, Mobile Apps, and QR Codes.

I also use AI to manage my affiliate marketing program and to create business training courses.